Social Media

Numerous studies conclude that China has by far the world’s most active social media community, with 84% of the nation’s internet users regularly visiting social media sites – and that more and more users go to these sites to make investment decisions.

Unfortunately, in China, influential social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are usually blocked off or restricted. But China does encourage its own social media sites to flourish, and several of these such as Sina Weibo, Xueqiu and Sohu offer public companies a big opportunity to influence investors.

Sina Weibo, for example, reported 300 million users at the end of 2013. Xueqiu and Sohu are not far behind, and all are becoming filled with investor forums discussing the most appealing stocks — particularly Asian public companies.

In the U.S. and other regions, of course, Twitter, Facebook and other global platforms continue their popularity with investors and are increasingly utilized by public companies to communicate with them.

Asia IR•PR 泛亚营投 allows its clients to tap into all these leading social media sites. By creating an ongoing dialogue with these sites’ investors, our clients can cheaply and frequently discuss their recent news and products and services, provide interviews with their CEO, and even offer virtual participation in major company events.

The result, quite often, is a significant increase in new followers. Among these are new investors who may naturally want to spread their excitement about our clients, virally, to many thousands — or even millions — of other investors.