Media Relations

Asian public companies are often faced with challenges that U.S. and European-based companies do not face. How do Asian companies grab the attention of the major U.S.-based media, many of which prefer to communicate in English?

How do Asia-based companies convince a U.S.-based reporter that they are as deserving of coverage as U.S.-based companies?

And how do Asian public companies even identify which influential reporters and editors from the worldwide media are specifically devoted to finding and writing about these companies?

The answer is that it’s tough. But it’s a lot easier for us: We’re in touch with these reporters and editors every day, offering them compelling reasons to consider coverage of our client companies. And because we’ve established strong relationships with these journalists, our clients have been covered by the largest media organizations in the world — Bloomberg, Businessweek, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Thomson Reuters, Forbes — and many other business/financial and trade outlets.

Plus, we approach Mandarin-speaking journalists in their own language, optimizing our clients’ media coverage in Asia and internationally.

The bottom line: When our clients are making news, we know how to get this news published. And, when it is published, the odds are good it will help these clients’ stocks trade with more liquidity and at a higher price.

Tell us your news. And we’ll make sure we tell it to the media read by millions around the world.