Investor Relations

In every public company, management has the responsibility of both building the business to optimize growth and to communicate this progress to a growing investment audience. For many Asian public companies listed on U.S. exchanges, however, differences in language and culture often make it much more challenging for them to make this connection with investors in North America and other parts of the world.

Asia IR•PR 泛亚营投 specializes in improving these communications. We begin by helping clients improve the language of their website content, press releases, earnings conference call scripts and other corporate presentations, and ensure that all messaging is consistent with these clients’ business objectives. We then select the financial professionals – retail brokers, institutional investors, fund managers, investment bankers and sell-side analysts – who are looking for growing Asian public companies in industries such as technology, healthcare, financial services, oil and gas, and clean energy.

Finally, we tell these professionals our client’s story in the way it needs to be told: clearly, positively, and convincingly. And since our executive team has more than two decades of success with more than 50 Chinese public companies, we’re confident we have the ability to succeed again.

How do we measure this success? Over time, more liquidity and a higher stock price. And stronger relationships with the global financial community – relationships which remain strong for years to come.