Corporate Communications

Writing web site copy is a long and often challenging process. But when your native language is not English, it can be even harder.

At Asia IR•PR 泛亚营投, we convert your thoughts and business strategies into a form that native English speakers can easily understand and appreciate.  And we’ll do the same thing for all your other communications: press releases, CEO speeches, prepared news articles, shareholder letters, corporate brochures, product videos, even your PowerPoint.

We’ll also help you to make sure that your company news is transmitted to the hundreds of financial and media groups that need to know about your news – worldwide. And well do it for a surprisingly low cost.

And, if you also want to communicate in your own language, our Mandarin-speaking staff will work with you to make certain we understand everything you need to say – and that the Asian-speaking audiences you need to reach understand it, too – perfectly.