Capital Formation

Raising capital in today’s market can be challenging for public companies, particularly those based in Asia.  That’s why, for these companies, engaging an experienced advisor who understands the U.S. capital markets and investment community is a key to long-term success.

Asia IR•PR 泛亚营投 specializes in helping client companies raise the funds they need under terms that fairly reflect these companies’ true value. Whether a company is contemplating an IPO, secondary offering, or PIPE transaction, we introduce management to the most suitable investment banks, strategic corporate financial partners, and retail and institutional investors – many of which have a long history of funding promising Asian-based companies. We then advise clients on the financing terms that will produce their best possible capitalization structure – at the most reasonable cost.

Finally, we help management understand how their financing and new capital structure may be perceived by the public markets – and how to avoid the most common capital formation pitfalls which can often have undesirable effects on the value of the company’s shares.