Price Target Media Issues Updated Stock Report on Takung Art Company (TKAT)


9/29/16: Price Target Media has raised its 2017 earnings estimate to $0.62 per share from $0.55 based on recent news released by TKAT on revenue and earnings growth.

In a conference call with investors on 9/28/16, Chief Financial Officer Mr. Leslie Chow, stated that “transaction buying and selling was 50 million units per day currently, compared to 15 million in 2016. And that revenue was now $1 billion a month compared to $2.3 billion for all of 2015.” For that reason, PTM increased its earnings estimate in this Updated Stock Report.

During the question and answer period of the call, an investor asked if Takung Art Company Ltd planned on listing to an exchange anytime soon, in which Mr. Chow said, “we have begun active discussions with one of the major exchanges to list.”

PTM looks for TKAT to announcing listing to an exchange shortly. Once listed, we’re forecasting a dramatic increase to trading volume and price.

At its current price level, if TKAT earns $.62 per share, it would equate to P/E Ratio of 10.65X, which leaves room for upside to as much as double the current price …

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