Many Asia-based companies listed on a U.S. exchange often face a bias that prevents them from being valued as highly as comparable companies based in North America and other regions of the world.

Asia IR•PR 泛亚营投 specializes in addressing this bias and helping Asia-based public companies achieve the valuations they deserve.

As one of only a few IR/PR firms with this focus, we possess the resources to help these companies optimize communication with leading worldwide audiences including:

  • Investment professionals—retail brokers, portfolio managers, and analysts;
  • News media—reporters and editors from major business/financial and trade outlets;
  • Social media sites devoted to investment in Asia-based companies;
  • Capital formation groups, investments bankers and potential strategic partners.

For investors in Asian companies, we provide the client and industry information needed to evaluate true stock value and potential.

Asia IR•PR: Decades of experience in financial, media and corporate communications – and the expertise to guide Asian companies on how to best accomplish their goals